As a key leader of Australia’s largest ever event, World Youth Day Sydney 2008 hosting more than 500,000 people, Steve has much to share about corporate leadership and how you can take a company from good to great.

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Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark: Five Hidden Keys to Great Leadership provides a fresh approach to the age-old question of how to develop authentic leadership. It highlights the vital role personal character plays in the way people are influenced through relational attributes.

Failures of leadership abound in our contemporary landscape of business, politics and sport. Often these are not the result of strategic slip or technical incompetence, but rather failures of character. Steve Lawrence draws together a rich tapestry of stories of public leaders from history and literature, both ancient and modern, including his own striking experience, offering examples of leadership that will build trust, maximise collaboration and shape culture. Each chapter outlines the Five Hidden Keys to Great Leadership and presents a series of questions for evaluative self-reflection.

Other Books 

Steve is writing another book to follow soon, entitled: The Tiny Book for Giant Men: A 12 Step Guide.


Connect to Steve’s upcoming blog Climb the Mountain: Inspiring stories of heroes and little daily life victories.

In 2010 Steve published Five Smooth Stones : A 40 Day WYD08 Journal.

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